Seasons change, coffee stays the same

picture2b3There are days when home-brewed java just doesn’t do the trick. The  coffee isn’t any different, so what gives? Maybe it’s the seasons. As certainly as winter gives way to spring, the Lakers posted their “Gone Fishing” sign, the Dodgers are on the move, and opinions on both are swimming ’round, so there isn’t much chance to divide my attention when breakfast is on the burners. A trip to the local café is in the offing because burned bacon doesn’t taste very good. Yup, nothing like crowding around a four-square table, stirring up a cup, picking up a menu, and letting the chips fall where they may. If we were having coffee, I’d rattle on about the winter that was, the spring that is, and the fall that could be with a raised eyebrow here and a wrinkled nose there; though I won’t bring up the Dodgers’ TV deal. After two lost seasons, the subject of carriage fees and coverage areas doesn’t hold any more interest.

What does? Your favorite sports. Your favorite teams. Now that the mugs are topped off, the plates are cleared, and the café is crowded there’s more room for back-and-forth. The waitress might even jump in. This one is a KC Chiefs fan with a take on everything that crosses the desk at Sportscenter. Eventually the coffee would run out, the tab would have to be settled — including the tip — and the table will need to be cleared for the lunch crowd; but there’s always football season.



April 16, 2016 · 11:48 pm

2 responses to “Seasons change, coffee stays the same

  1. A steaming cup of hot black coffee is always a lot better tasting on a cool winter morning when your first get out of bed.


  2. I’ll second that; nothing quite like a gray sky, a little rain, and a smoking cup…with half-and-half.


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